Who Needs A Therapist If You Can Distract Yourself With Old-Time Favorite Children’s And YA Series?

Dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression as an adult tend to make you want to see a therapist as soon as possible. After all, it has become a widely accepted thing in recent years not to be afraid of obtaining psychological help if you believe that that is what you need. It is honestly advisable by many people as well so that you can give a name to your problem and be able to manage or heal from it.

Out of the plethora of illnesses that are known to men and women, though, there are some forms of mental disorders that you start self-medicating for. You will not find an oncologist or cardiologist telling their cancer or arrhythmia patients, respectively, to pick a hobby or distraction and wait for its magic to get rid of their issues. What the latter have are conditions that manifest physically; if they do not undergo proper medication and rehabilitation, it may be difficult for them to recover. Nevertheless, since the depression, anxiety, and various psychological illnesses mostly alter someone’s way of thinking, trying alternative treatments cannot be too frowned upon or worsen the situation.

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One thing that troubled adults can do is to read the books that you may have seen during your childhood or adolescent years. You may also turn to the ones that you have never had a chance to even open at the time because you were busy with studying or other extracurricular activities. The reason why picking up this hobby is ideal is that books have a reputation of taking you to another dimension that’s too far from the people or tasks that stress you out. It entails that they can distract you from your sorrows and perhaps even make you smile and laugh at times when you do not expect it. Crying because you feel for the characters in the story is a good thing too, especially if you cannot let all your emotions out in front of others. The heaviness in your chest may lighten up afterward, and you may become more inclined to detach yourself from depressive thoughts than ever.

Here are a few book series that might take your mind off your worries for a minute.

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Twilight (Stephanie Meyer)

Despite the varied opinions of everyone about the Twilight movie installments, there is no denying that the book series is worth reading not only for young adults but also for adults. While the plot may be extra captivating if you are a fan of vampires and werewolves, the fact that the principal and supporting characters have tried so hard to overcome every obstacle and allow Edward and Bella to have a happily ever after is genuinely remarkable. In the end, we wish you will realize that if they have managed to do that, you can also rule over your problems in the real world.

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)

Although it has been almost 20 years since we have first seen the young Harry get up from his bed in a cupboard under the stairs, no one can forget how popular every movie franchise has been. The book version of the series is equally entertaining as well, considering there are interesting scenes that have been omitted from the films. Reading all seven books throughout the week or month or every time something awful comes up can make you forget your issues and merely dream of entering Hogwarts.

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The Chronicles Of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)

The Chronicles of Narnia is practically a classic series. The first adaptation came out in 2005, but the book had been published in 1950. Its plot started with the four siblings (two boys and two girls) who somehow entered another world called Narnia through a wardrobe and later became kings and queens. Most – if not all – creatures in the novels could talk and walk, so it was rather amusing. Once you read the series, you may get sucked into a magical realm as well and learn something from kids who have had to take on huge responsibilities as rulers of a distant kingdom.

Final Thoughts

In case you have doubts about this suggestion of mine, you should know that psychologists are now starting to recommend bibliotherapy to their patients. There is no particular genre or length of the book that you need to look for. You may treat the series mentioned above as examples of books that you may try reading or re-reading children’s and YA stuff again to (hopefully) change your perspective in life as an adult. Regardless of how impossible or otherworldly the plot may be, after all, you still be able to relate to the challenges that the characters may deal with in every chapter. Thus, before or by the time you close the book, the way you view your real situation may have already improved.

Do not hesitate to go to the youngsters’ section in the bookstore or borrow the books that your teenage kids like whenever your depression or anxiety attacks. Good luck!

Napoleon Hill And His Book: “Think and Grow Rich”

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Napoleon Hill had interviewed the 500 most prosperous individuals in the world (with their family) and asked them how they became rich. He ranked their answers and listed it as the “12 Riches of Life”. (The 12 Riches of Life is in verbatim, quoted from Napoleon Hill’s book.)

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
  2. Sound Physical Health
  3. Harmony in Human Relationships
  4. The Hope of Achievement
  5. An Open Mind on All Subjects
  6. Self-Discipline
  7. A Labor of Love
  8. Freedom from Fear
  9. The Capacity for Faith
  10. A Willingness to Share One’s Blessings
  11. The Capacity to Understand People
  12. Economic Security

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5 Simple Ways To Start A Book Review

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Reviews and reactions are popular nowadays. Many platforms show the effectiveness of people, videos, movies, performances, and more. Book reviews may be different as people cannot react instantly. It would take about two or more weeks to finish reading a book, depending on how often a person is free to read. If you are planning to write a review on a book that you plan to read or have already read, you can start in five simple ways to express your feelings and thoughts.

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