What To Write About During The COVID-19 Pandemic


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If you look around you now, you’ll realize that the COVID-19 pandemic, including work in one way or the other, impacts almost everything. And if you are one of the many people who are fortunate to be working at home as a writer, your goal now would be to write something that would be suitable to the times, and of course, a topic that readers would be interested in. We spent time gathering opinions from different content makers and the readers themselves, and we found out that there are several topics that one can be inspired to write and read about.

Travel. This is one of the most affected by the pandemic and one which a lot of people miss doing, which is why they would be interested in reading about it. As most, if not all, flights around the world are canceled, tourists and travel enthusiasts are devastated at the thought that they will not be able to visit their dream destinations for a long time. In the meantime, it would ease some of their frustrations if they had the chance to read about the different places that are waiting for them to visit when this global crisis subsides.

Relationships. Reading about love, friendships, and other kinds of relationships will always be enjoyable no matter what weather or season it is. Love stories inspire the romantics and give hope to those who are broken-hearted. In the midst of tension and anxiety, it is essential to reevaluate one’s relationships, and reading about it may help people find ways to protect, maintain, or strengthen the relationships that they have.


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Homeschooling. All students are currently not being able to continue going to their schools because of the quarantine and social distancing guidelines that are being imposed to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Parents are worried about their children’s education and the fact that it will be both a hassle and a difficulty for them to be stuck in the house doing nothing. The necessary process of homeschooling is a beautiful idea that will help parents understand what it will be like for their children to be studying at home.

Work From Home. Writing about this topic will perk the interest of many, including both executives and employees who are looking to earn or improve productivity despite these trying times. Content around this topic could be about setting up your home office, how to find a job through the web, or what types of jobs provide the biggest salaries.

Entertainment. People spend most of their time at home, and sometimes they have done everything they could think of from cooking, cleaning, and decluttering. It’s nice to give them some ideas on how to entertain themselves. Write about the best movies to watch on Netflix so they’ll have something to look forward to before they head to bed or after they’ve finished their chores. You can also suggest some ways on where to stream videos and how to do it in the first place. Affordable digital games are also trending these days.


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Health And Fitness. Aside from being physically clean and hygienic, people now are very eager to learn some new tricks on working out at home. Providing content on how to keep in shape while quarantined seems to be on top of the list, as everyone was initially surprised, and their lives paused for a moment when the outbreak hit the country and the whole world. So now they’re determined to stay healthy physically and mentally, so they’re looking for some indoor workout strategies, yoga poses for relaxation and other ideas that are fitness-related.

Boosting The Immune System. We are all concerned about strengthening our immune systems so that we are protected from easily getting infected. There are many studies and articles about discoveries that can help improve the body’s defenses, and everyone wants to get hold of these. In addition, perhaps you can delve into past medicine and gather ideas on how to strengthen the body naturally.





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How To Study For An Exam

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Every student, like you, wants to ace any exam that you will be taking in school. Of course, you need to get a high grade so that you can be validated with all the efforts that you have put into reading. However, there are times when studying for an exam can be difficult and challenging. There are days when you want to procrastinate and do nothing. Because of this, you must add more consistency and dedication to what you do.

For today’s post, we are going to share some of the tricks that you can use so that everything will be a lot easier when you study for any given exam. Take note that what you do now will have a significant impact on your future. If you want to become a great novelist someday, be sure that you will take your study seriously. Here are the tips to keep in mind:

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Set A Schedule

The first step is to set a schedule for all the things that you must accomplish for a given time. The best or ideal way to start this process is to list down the exams that you must study. Do not forget to include the dates of the upcoming exam so that you can calendar them easily. From there, you can now begin choosing how many hours or days you will allot for each subject. Be sure to follow your schedule so that you can get benefits out from it.

Avoid Parties

Whether you like it or not, your current reality is that you are still a student. As such, it is crucial for you to prioritize your studies at all times. Never let your hunger for parties keep you from reaching your success. Keep in mind that when the right time comes, you will be able to get tons of benefits from studying well. Reserve the parties during the weekends or on long breaks. In so doing, you can become more focused and give more attention to your subjects.

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Study With Classmates

Are you aware that studying with your classmates can also have several advantages on your part? For starters, you can discuss the topics that will be included for the exam. Hence, if you have questions about the subject matter about a particular item, someone will be there to provide you with the correct answers. At the same time, being with them can also motivate you to try harder. Of course, a big part of you will always want to impress them. As a result, you will exert more effort in memorizing certain information or increasing your knowledge about the subject.


Studying does not need to be challenging and stressful on your part. What is crucial is that you will do the right things to ensure that you will not miss out on the great life of being a student. Keep in mind that the more you study, the more successful you may become. 

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Journaling: Tips On How To Do It Right

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Are you going through a difficult phase in your life at the moment? Does it make you sad whenever you think of the things that are going on in your life? Is it difficult on your part to get on with your life? If you answered yes to all the questions, then make sure that you will consider journaling. This hobby can help you a lot in improving your mental health. Take note that when you write entries about what you feel or think, it will be easier on your part to process everything within yourself.


“Journaling is great for enhancing self-awareness through helping us detect and track patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings.” Alison Stone, LCSW said. We understand that journaling can be difficult to start for many people. However, the reality is that it is all in your mind. Sometimes, you need to believe that things are going to become a lot better if you will consider practicing it. In today’s article, we are going to share some of the things to keep in mind so that you can become good at journaling. Here are things to remember:

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Be Honest


Take note that the purpose of journaling is to let your feelings and emotions out. Never hold back with what you are going to write in your journal because it will defeat the primary purpose of writing in the first place. Avoid concealing your real emotions with what you write. Instead, let the act of journaling make you honest. Write down everything that you feel so that you will start to feel better. “it’s not only the benefit of catharsis in the moment of writing that makes journaling so effective – It’s also reviewing what you’ve written.” Lindsey Pratt Psychotherapy, LMHC explains.

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Show Your Creative Side


The nice and great thing about journaling is that it does not have rules. You can do anything you want with the pages of your journal. As such, you can let your creative side show when it comes to doing it. It is ideal for getting a journal that has blank pages so that you can add colors or drawings on them. You can also use multi-colored pens to create art. Feel free to show whatever you want with the pages.


Keep It Hidden


Your journal is not something that you have to share with the world. Take note that your personal secrets, struggles, and challenges are written on its pages. If you want to refrain to other people from seeing it, then be sure to hide it properly. Put it in an area or corner in your room that no one would think of looking at. If you intend to carry the journal wherever you go, do not forget to hide in your bag or avoid taking it out in public. Otherwise, you will be exposing yourself to a potential risk that other people can check it out. “Some have found it valuable to keep journals and then go back and read them to see how far they have progressed.” Kathy Hardie-Williams, NCC, LPC, LMFT said.




Now that you are aware of the ways to be good at journaling, make sure that you will get an order a notebook or journal now, Above all else, take note to enjoy the journey so that everything will be worth it. Do not forget all the tips and tricks that we have provided above. May you love this new hobby!


What Every Author Needs To Remember

Are you interested in becoming a successful author or novelist? Do you want to come up with a book that everyone is going to love? If you answered yes to all these questions, then be sure to read the rest of the article. For today’s post, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive list of things that you must never forget it you want to succeed as an author in the book industry.

Before anything else, you have to know or understand that it is crucial to work hard for the things that you want. You cannot choose to expect things to be a lot better without doing anything. To become a successful novelist, you must show efforts in doing the right things. Here are the tips that you have to consider:

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Educate Yourself

Never be too proud of yourself to the point that you will no longer think that you still have a lot to learn from other people. Even if you are smart enough, it is still best if you will get inputs from other writers or speakers. Take note that many topics can help you become a wonderful author. Having said this, we highly recommend that you sign up for training and seminars.

Connect With Authors

Another thing that you must take note of is the need to establish friendships and relationships with other authors. Keep in mind that these people are not your competitors in the industry. Instead, look at other writers as inspirations so that you can start to work harder on your craft. The more time you share or spend with them, the more learning you will get from their experiences. As such, you have a lesser tendency to committing mistakes.

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Never Overwork

As much possible, learn the value of work-life balance in everything that you do. No amount of money or cash can ever pay for your mental sanity. Whenever you think that your writing tasks have become overwhelming or too exhausting, do not be afraid to take a break from it. One of the smart things that you can do is go on a vacation and to travel with the people close to your heart. Try to let stress go by going on a trip to a new country or city. Be sure to make a travel plan ahead of time to ensure that there will be no conflict in your schedule.

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Be Humble

In case you are already experiencing fame because of the work that you do, be sure that you will still keep your feet on the ground. Avoid becoming like those individuals who will become boastful just because they have reached success. The right or ideal thing to do is to continue showing everyone that nothing has changed in the way you do things. Always try to be humble even if you are already enjoying the peak of your success. Failure to do this can introduce more problems or issues in your professional career.