Why Reading Fantasy Books Is Ideal For Your Mental Health

I have been collecting books for over a decade now, so the two floor-to-ceiling shelves that I had custom-made in my room were already filled to the brim. It started when I went on a book sale to accompany my best friend, who was a bookworm at the time. While browsing through the shop, I got interested in the fantasy book series that I found. However, some books were missing, so I begged my mother to let me visit the local bookstore. That’s where I bought a complete set of Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling — the first ones I loved and will forever cherish. Still, I did not consider fantasy as my favorite genre back then.

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I only realized that I loved fantasy books when I read The Hunger Games, Max Rider, Alex Rider, and even Goosebumps, and I wanted more. Soon enough, I was the one pulling my best friend to books sales and bookstores, looking for other novels I might not have heard of before. That did not stop even when I went away for college and could not take all my paperbacks and hardbounds with me. I would re-read the old ones whenever I was at home, but I added more stuff to my collection as I felt the need to buy more books while I stayed in the apartment.

The thing was, when I started working, and my parents realized that my love for fantasy books did not fade, they teased me for being childish. They wanted to donate or sell everything, saying that my room already looked like a storage unit because of them. Of course, I refused, that’s why I ended up calling a carpenter to make the shelves for me. I thought, “Mom and Dad were only like that because they did not understand the benefits of reading fantasy books for a person’s mental health.”

In case you haven’t got a clue either, let me share a few of them.

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It Keeps Your Imagination Alive

Being imaginative is an excellent skill to keep even when you are already an adult. It livens up your life; it helps you think outside the box, especially when you face a problem that seems too impossible to shake. Without a healthy imagination, you may be stuck in your head while trying to fix your worries.

Before I found the fantasy books that I loved, I was a whiny kid. I always cried to my parents whenever I could not get something done. However, it all changed once I began reading fantasy novels and seeing that other kids around my age could resolve huge problems without much help from adults. I started using my imagination to get out of a rut I was in; when it worked, I no longer had difficulty dealing with my issues.

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It Prevents Your Mind And Heart From Growing Old

I have always been a fan of Peter Pan and the fact that he will never grow old. I loved the story even before I even knew Harry Potter, Alex Rider, or Katniss Everdeen. I remembered crying to my mother back then because I was afraid of growing old and dying.

Well, I have overcome my dreams of never growing old years ago. It was partly because I figured out that it was inevitable and because I found a way to keep my heart and mind young – by reading fantasy books. True enough, although another decade passed, I managed to look at the world with a wide-eyed expression and not feel jaded by my experiences, no matter how much they try to drain the life out of me.

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It Takes You In Another (Worry-Free) Realm

Although I am only in my mid-20s, I already know that being an adult and taking on many responsibilities is enough to keep my stress level high. It is impossible for me not to worry about rent and other bills, especially when the end of the month comes and my salary has not arrived in my bank account yet.

I hate that feeling more than anything in the world. Luckily, I have my fantasy books to take me into another realm all the time. Even if it’s only for a few hours, it’s enough for me to be able to sneak away from reality and realize that even the fictional characters have more significant problems than I do. That’s how I have kept myself sane while waiting for a promotion and making ends meet.

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Bottom Line

People always say that life is not like a fairytale, and I have always believed them. What happens in the books does not always – or may never – happen in real life. Despite that, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy fantasizing about living in another world once in a while and learning from the characters whose travails you are reading about.

Try reading fantasy books before you turn your back on it. Cheers!

What The Twilight Book Series Taught Us About Family

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I was 18 years old when I got copies of the Twilight Saga, written by Stephenie Meyer. In truth, I had been asking my parents to let me read the series the first time it came out several years back. But they always said that the scenes were not for underaged teens like me. When I finally got my hands on the books, therefore, I went through all of them in less than a week.

Did I learn anything from the Twilight series?

Yes, of course.

  • Vampires shine bright like diamonds (literally).
  • There is no conflict that a sound explanation cannot resolve.
  • True love always wins.

Aside from those, I gathered a few family-related lessons that everyone could apply in the real world.

Note: The following ideas contain book spoilers regarding characters and plots. 

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You Don’t Have To Be Blood-Related To Become A Family 

From the early chapters of the first book, it has been known that Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme adopted a few kids who were all around the same age. That’s among the few things that they can be honest about, and they genuinely care for each other like a regular family. They can also live under the same roof without fighting, which is unheard of in any coven.

What it tells us mere humans is that you need not share the same blood with another person before you can claim that you belong to one family. Blood relation does not mean that you love each other, after all. Some parents abuse their kids to death; other family members even try to send one another to jail due to long-standing issues. But the Cullens were unrelated by blood and still managed to show respect towards their newfound family.

Even If You Don’t Like Someone’s Partner, You Try To Understand Them For Your Family’s Sake

Edward Cullen’s sister, Rosalie, was incredibly vocal about her disapproval about his relationship with Bella Swan. The primary reason is that she is human, and they are vampires. She worries that this union might jeopardize their secret and put their entire family in danger.

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Rosalie always had sassy remarks about Bella and showed no interest in helping to save her in the first book, but she came around in the next ones slowly but surely. When I reached the third book, she already accepted that Edward would want Bella forever and vice versa.

That’s what typically happens in a household, too. Your sibling may date someone you find revolting, but you can’t do anything to throw them out. All you can do is try to understand them, primarily if they treat your brother or sister well. It is the only way to avoid conflicts at home.

You Can Love Your Family Despite Their Quirks

When Bella and Edward found out that there was a baby on womb, and Renesmee came into the world, the entire coven was generally happy. Bella already transformed into a vampire, which used to be a significant issue in the first three books. Even the wolf pack welcomed the baby, considering she turned out to be Jacob Black’ s—the alpha— his soulmate.

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One thing the family must do, though, is let Charlie, Bella’s father, visit them. That made the new vampire freak out since she did not know how much self-control she had to avoid draining her Dad’s blood. Besides, there’s Renesmee, who had the couple’s features, but they could not precisely say that she is theirs biologically.

Hence, when Charlie arrived, he immediately noticed that his daughter never looked better, but she also looked different. They talked some more, and Bella even got comfortable in her seat after realizing that she could control her thirst with flying colors. Once Edward introduced Renesmee as his niece that they legally adopted, Charlie seemed confused because the little girl had Bella’s eyes. Still, he did not want any of them to leave the town, so he accepted everything and asked no further questions.

In reality, Charlie’s behavior is no different from that of people with quirky relatives. No matter how crazy or unbelievable someone’s actions are, you tend to have their back since you are a family.

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There’s Nothing You Can’t Do For A Loved One

The Cullens’ effort to protect each other amplified when they realized that the Volturi would come for Renesmee, thinking that she’s a young vampire. Two of them went thousands of miles away to look for evidence that half-vampires like her were harmless to their kind; the others asked their friends to stand as witnesses to the child’s speedy growth. And once they faced the Volturi, everyone was ready to fight if things went south.

Although a battle did not ensue, the events proved that there’s nothing you couldn’t do for the people you love.

Final Thoughts

It is challenging to find a fictional book series that can tickle your imagination and take you in their little world. If you can get ahold of the Twilight books, you should read them and see what I’m talking about.




A Guide To Your Storyline About The Pandemic



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A lot of stories have been written at this time about the recent case counts, projections, narratives of heroism, and politics. However, there is a specific story that is of interest to everybody. It is a story of looking back into the COVID-19 pandemic – what you have experienced, what it has done to your family and significant others, the lessons you’ve learned, and how you have surpassed this global crisis. It may be written from your conscious or subconscious mind, but ultimately, you are the story’s author.

During these challenging times, it is easier to feel pummeled about by coincidence and circumstance. Undoubtedly, the present pandemic and the consequential economic turmoil are not in your control. You may be striving hard to manage a team of online workers while you’re dealing with your crawler, which doesn’t want to sleep or with your teen that insists on playing video games instead of doing her online homework. Or perhaps you are all by yourself, dealing with a Skype meeting while being troubled with the current numbers, anxious and depressed about your high-risk family members and friends. There have been situations before this that have been out of your control. We all are facing our own helplessness amidst these COVID times.

Nevertheless, you are responsible for the way you engage with the circumstances that you are being confronted with. You are capable of making decisions about how you act and where you put your efforts as you traverse the storms of ambiguity. How you behave and think during this crisis will influence the narrative that you will tell. Do you want to play the hero or the victim? The victim usually asks herself, “Why does it have to me?” Being the author of your own story will help you climb out of that victim role, although it’s also not always being about the hero. The key is to take the creative view of things, overcoming the crisis with a humble heart and becoming the wiser, better version of your previous self.

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Deciding to author your own story involves the ‘by me’ format of leadership. You decide to utilize creativity, not reactivity, being positive and open rather than being defensive and fickle-minded. You own up the task of responding to situations that are uncontrollable. You can create your own story as you have lived and led in the time of COVID-19. Imagine your future self and use that imagination to influence your decisions now as you live into and create your narrative. But how?

Here’s something you can try. Envision yourself traveling through time, perhaps into the summer of 2021, when the global crisis has subsided, and some normalcy has been regained – or a new normal has been established. Imagine having risen to the occasion and overcoming everything, making you feel so proud, thankful, and fulfilled. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What small or big ways did you do as a community member, a friend, spouse, significant other, parent, or a leader for the common good? Did you perhaps volunteer cooking and giving meals to seniors? Sharing your expertise to help others?
  • What principles or values were you able to learn and practice? Did you stand up for anything?
  • What influenced your actions? Was it optimism or pessimism that drove you to become more determined to surpass the challenges? What habits were you able to learn under the circumstances?
  • Were there relationships broken or established because of the situation? Which relationships became stronger? Which ones faltered?
  • Was there an experience that affected your life and the way you see life now?
  • What are the things you were thankful for during the pandemic? What are you grateful for today?
  • Did you discover new strengths (and weaknesses)? What traits did you rely on while you were trying to survive and thrive? Do you think these traits should be retained?
  • What did you discover about yourself and your relationships?
  • How did you grow as a person, parent, friend, leader, or community member?
  • Do you think you can surpass any challenge that will come into your life?


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These are components of your story that you should consider when you write it. Let these questions hopefully guide you on your venture. What could your story be? Could it be one of tragedy or hope? Failure or growth? Stagnancy or transformation? It is all up to you.




What To Write About During The COVID-19 Pandemic


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If you look around you now, you’ll realize that the COVID-19 pandemic, including work in one way or the other, impacts almost everything. And if you are one of the many people who are fortunate to be working at home as a writer, your goal now would be to write something that would be suitable to the times, and of course, a topic that readers would be interested in. We spent time gathering opinions from different content makers and the readers themselves, and we found out that there are several topics that one can be inspired to write and read about.

Travel. This is one of the most affected by the pandemic and one which a lot of people miss doing, which is why they would be interested in reading about it. As most, if not all, flights around the world are canceled, tourists and travel enthusiasts are devastated at the thought that they will not be able to visit their dream destinations for a long time. In the meantime, it would ease some of their frustrations if they had the chance to read about the different places that are waiting for them to visit when this global crisis subsides.

Relationships. Reading about love, friendships, and other kinds of relationships will always be enjoyable no matter what weather or season it is. Love stories inspire the romantics and give hope to those who are broken-hearted. In the midst of tension and anxiety, it is essential to reevaluate one’s relationships, and reading about it may help people find ways to protect, maintain, or strengthen the relationships that they have.


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Homeschooling. All students are currently not being able to continue going to their schools because of the quarantine and social distancing guidelines that are being imposed to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Parents are worried about their children’s education and the fact that it will be both a hassle and a difficulty for them to be stuck in the house doing nothing. The necessary process of homeschooling is a beautiful idea that will help parents understand what it will be like for their children to be studying at home.

Work From Home. Writing about this topic will perk the interest of many, including both executives and employees who are looking to earn or improve productivity despite these trying times. Content around this topic could be about setting up your home office, how to find a job through the web, or what types of jobs provide the biggest salaries.

Entertainment. People spend most of their time at home, and sometimes they have done everything they could think of from cooking, cleaning, and decluttering. It’s nice to give them some ideas on how to entertain themselves. Write about the best movies to watch on Netflix so they’ll have something to look forward to before they head to bed or after they’ve finished their chores. You can also suggest some ways on where to stream videos and how to do it in the first place. Affordable digital games are also trending these days.


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Health And Fitness. Aside from being physically clean and hygienic, people now are very eager to learn some new tricks on working out at home. Providing content on how to keep in shape while quarantined seems to be on top of the list, as everyone was initially surprised, and their lives paused for a moment when the outbreak hit the country and the whole world. So now they’re determined to stay healthy physically and mentally, so they’re looking for some indoor workout strategies, yoga poses for relaxation and other ideas that are fitness-related.

Boosting The Immune System. We are all concerned about strengthening our immune systems so that we are protected from easily getting infected. There are many studies and articles about discoveries that can help improve the body’s defenses, and everyone wants to get hold of these. In addition, perhaps you can delve into past medicine and gather ideas on how to strengthen the body naturally.





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10 Books With The Best Ending Of All Time

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The closing line is as vital as the first. It is the opportunity of the author to leave the feeling of awe and realization. It is the conclusion that gives readers dismay or satisfaction. Once you hold a book, you make it a part of you as you spend time and invest your emotions and ability to comprehend. As you turn every page, there is the hope for something better, and when it must come to an end, which everything should, a great closing line should give the lasting feeling of worthiness and satisfaction. Continue reading 10 Books With The Best Ending Of All Time

10 Best First Lines From Bestselling Novels


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First lines are critical. It serves as the opportunity of the author to captivate the readers as it sets the tone of the story. It immediately states what sets the book apart as the first line is like a statement that represents the whole meaning of the story. It could be exciting, happy, or sad as long as it catches attention. It can be poetic or straightforward depending on what impression and feeling the author wants to provide the readers. Continue reading 10 Best First Lines From Bestselling Novels

5 Bestselling Books You Should Read In 2019 (If You Haven’t Yet)


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How To Study For An Exam

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Every student, like you, wants to ace any exam that you will be taking in school. Of course, you need to get a high grade so that you can be validated with all the efforts that you have put into reading. However, there are times when studying for an exam can be difficult and challenging. There are days when you want to procrastinate and do nothing. Because of this, you must add more consistency and dedication to what you do.

For today’s post, we are going to share some of the tricks that you can use so that everything will be a lot easier when you study for any given exam. Take note that what you do now will have a significant impact on your future. If you want to become a great novelist someday, be sure that you will take your study seriously. Here are the tips to keep in mind:

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Set A Schedule

The first step is to set a schedule for all the things that you must accomplish for a given time. The best or ideal way to start this process is to list down the exams that you must study. Do not forget to include the dates of the upcoming exam so that you can calendar them easily. From there, you can now begin choosing how many hours or days you will allot for each subject. Be sure to follow your schedule so that you can get benefits out from it.

Avoid Parties

Whether you like it or not, your current reality is that you are still a student. As such, it is crucial for you to prioritize your studies at all times. Never let your hunger for parties keep you from reaching your success. Keep in mind that when the right time comes, you will be able to get tons of benefits from studying well. Reserve the parties during the weekends or on long breaks. In so doing, you can become more focused and give more attention to your subjects.

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Study With Classmates

Are you aware that studying with your classmates can also have several advantages on your part? For starters, you can discuss the topics that will be included for the exam. Hence, if you have questions about the subject matter about a particular item, someone will be there to provide you with the correct answers. At the same time, being with them can also motivate you to try harder. Of course, a big part of you will always want to impress them. As a result, you will exert more effort in memorizing certain information or increasing your knowledge about the subject.


Studying does not need to be challenging and stressful on your part. What is crucial is that you will do the right things to ensure that you will not miss out on the great life of being a student. Keep in mind that the more you study, the more successful you may become.