Few Pointers On How To Mend A Broken Heart (Relationship Counseling)

People always struggle to find the best way to cope up with a broken heart. Because the truth is, it is a long and tiring journey that is quite time-consuming as well. Not only that. Mending a broken heart is extremely difficult because there are too many physical, emotional, and mental health issues to deal with. Sometimes, people can get enough of the pain that they ignore the damage.

But despite that, there are certain ways that individuals can do to heal mentally and emotionally. But they should note that the healing process does not happen over time. Some could find their light and recover from the heartache faster than anyone else. At the same time, some experience a wave of darkness that will continue to torment them for the rest of their lives.

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Here’s What To Do

Live Through The Pain

Some individuals tend to suffer an extreme level of heartache because they do not acknowledge the presence of pain. Usually, they deny it and pretend that everything is okay. They hide their true feelings by showing a fake smile. Some would say that they can easily get over the emotional pain in no time but still suffer in silence. This particular strategy doesn’t work. Because the only way people can start getting over their heartache is by living through the emotional pain and acknowledging the failure of everything in the relationship. They should allow deep emotions to come out because that is the first step to heartache healing.

Validate Emotions

People need to realize that heartbreak often affects both parties. Not because one is hurting, it does not mean that the other is not. There is always the tendency that someone else’s suffering is greater than the other. With that, people should learn to validate their feelings and consider the other side as well. Yes, there can be a stupid reason why people tend to break up. But factors affecting the relationship are always controlled by both individuals. Thus, it is significantly important not to become selfish when it comes to a realization.

Set Goals To Overcome The Heartbreak

Moving on is a common word people heard when a relationship ended. But it is agreeable that it is easier said than done. However, to make it achievable, people should at least try and create small achievable goals. They can consider focusing more on themselves rather than thinking too much of the failed relationship. Loving themselves is more important in this part. They can consider some of the following:

  • Get a hobby and be productive.
  • Exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit
  • Learn new things
  • Write poems, song, or create a journal
  • Play and learn some instruments
  • Learn to cook healthy foods

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Spend Time With Friends And Family

One essential factor that helps heartbroken individuals move on from a failed relationship is spending time with their loved ones. It is the best remedy that can eventually ease the heartache. That is because spending time with the right people can allow expression. With their help, there is a huge chance that people could vent out their unsettling pent-up emotions. Just having someone listening to the emotional pain one is having creates a difference in the perception of failed romantic relationship. And when people surround themselves with friends and family, there is an amplified feeling of acceptance, comfortability, love, and care.

Avoid Self-Destructing Habits

Of course, when people are hurt, it is easier for them to get caught in the middle of their emotions. That explains why they often tend to choose self-destructing habits. Others can’t blame them, though. It is most people’s way of distracting themselves from the pain they are having. But as much as possible, they should not emerge themselves to anything like it. Because not only is it unhealthy, some dangerous habits can cause greater health damages in the long run. Some of the things people should avoid doing are the following:

  • Relying on numbing substances
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Taking addictive drugs
  • Not having enough sleep
  • Not eating well
  • Ignoring proper hygiene
  • Isolation

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Seek Professional Help

Heartbreak is a normal thing that people experience in their lives. However, not everyone can handle it accordingly. But despite the potential health risk, people do not often seek professional advice when it comes to heartache issues. Perhaps most of them believe that the matter is a minor thing that they can easily get rid of. But frankly, heartbreak is an essential factor that often ruins emotional and mental stability. If not addressed properly, it can create many health problems that put people’s lives in danger. Some of these include isolation, self-harm, and suicide. To avoid that, consider a journey of self-discovery through counseling.


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