How To Write An Amazing Novel

If you attended the 2017 top author’s conference three years ago, you would understand the importance of creating a manuscript. Since writing a novel is not simple, an author should find ways to do it correctly. Fortunately, there are specific steps to do that.


Come Up With A Story Idea – Creating a story for a novel is a challenging process. There are lots to consider. So to come up with a better one, an author should understand the following things: the target audience, the plot of the story, and the essence that goes along with it.

Create A Memorable Character – The characters are the novel’s power source. So for the author to come up with the most unforgettable ones, he should consider two things. First is the relevance of the character in the story. Then the second one is his growth that impacts the whole novel.

Set A Unique Plot – Most novelists consider plot creation the most challenging one. But for them to come up with a good idea, they must set up a unique one. They can at least gather three of the most promising scenarios. From there, choose the one that fits the storyline.


Choose The Right View – When creating a novel, an author should understand the importance of relaying a message. If the book seems particularly personal, he must go with a more direct voice and point of view. Sometimes, a novel impacts a person if the story gets put in the reader’s shoes.

Engage With The Reader – A good storyline for a novel has something to do with logic. An author shouldn’t get too attached to reality since circumstances vary. So to come up with a better story, an author must secure engagement with the readers.

Bring Satisfaction – An excellent novel aims to satisfy readers. No, not all stories should end in a happily ever after the finale. But all novels must create a lasting impression.