Writing The Next Bestselling Book [5 Critical Elements Of A Great Read]

There are tons of great books written in the world, but only a few catch millions of attention. It depends on the preference of the readers as not all have the same interest when it comes to genre. Some may like science fiction, some romance, some horror, some thriller, while some mystery.

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If you are a writer and thinking of creating the next bestselling book, there are critical elements that should be in your piece so that it would have a better chance of being successful. It may take you a while to finish but all the sleepless nights would be worth it once you have completed.

5 Critical Elements Of A Great Read:

Captivating Title Or Introduction

When we are browsing for a book to read, the first thing we do is look for a catchy title. We gauge whether we are interested in what it is about, and we wouldn’t pick something that doesn’t catch our attention. We have to be hooked immediately.

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If you are a writer, you would want to know which group of people you want to target because there’s a different approach for each like you would write the first line differently when your target readers are adults. You may need a creative way of starting your story.

Children, on the other hand, are hooked with what is familiar like the phrase, “Once upon a time…” This line opens the mind to the extensive possibilities that happened in time, or it could mean the beginning of something magical and beautiful.

Relatable Characters

The characters of the book should be relatable. They should represent a particular group of people with identifiable characteristics and experiences. It’s like choosing friends. We hang out with the people we understand.

People love the story of underdogs. The character should be humble and simple with a good heart. People will never grow tired of classics – how good overcomes evil or how faith leads to success.

Reasonable Conflicts

The conflict is what makes a story engaging because we admire people who triumph amidst challenges. There could be internal or external conflicts in a story.

Internal conflict is the struggle within the character’s self. It is like when there is a situation in the story that tests the character’s values or beliefs. It is intriguing to learn what the character would do.

External conflict refers to external challenges that are beyond the character’s control. It could be another person that stops the main character from reaching his goal in the story.

Compelling Middles

Sometimes, a story starts interesting, but readers lose interest in the middle of the story just right before the climax. It could be because of poor choices of words or too many details added. An excellent book should prolong excitement but should also be able to satisfy the thought when reading toward the peak.

Middles should be able to keep readers read more. They should not drift away from the story as it may be challenging for people to get back on track once they wander away.

Satisfactory Ending 

Satisfactory doesn’t necessarily mean that the story will follow what the readers have in mind. It is always better to get them by surprise, and great stories are written by authors who dare to think differently.

Satisfactory means an ending should be able to answer the questions in the reader’s mind. It should challenge the imagination but at the same time make sense.

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About 75 percent of the world population is above 15 years old, meaning there are about 5 billion possible great stories. However, not all have the gift and luxury of time to write. Also, not all are interested in opening a book, let alone reading it. The best thing that you could do as someone aspiring to be the next bestselling author is to stick to what you wholeheartedly feel and believe as it is always convincing to read something that comes from the heart.

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