Napoleon Hill And His Book: “Think and Grow Rich”


Napoleon Hill had interviewed the 500 most prosperous individuals in the world (with their family) and asked them how they became rich. He ranked their answers and listed it as the “12 Riches of Life”. (The 12 Riches of Life is in verbatim, quoted from Napoleon Hill’s book.)

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
  2. Sound Physical Health
  3. Harmony in Human Relationships
  4. The Hope of Achievement
  5. An Open Mind on All Subjects
  6. Self-Discipline
  7. A Labor of Love
  8. Freedom from Fear
  9. The Capacity for Faith
  10. A Willingness to Share One’s Blessings
  11. The Capacity to Understand People
  12. Economic Security

As you may see, in these 12 riches, the finances come last. The most important is to have a positive mental attitude, which should always be maintained whatever becomes of you, and your work or business. The proper mindset is all that matters to achieve success.

Other people say that Napoleon Hill is like a scam artist and cannot be considered a success guru. This might be due to his research methods, but only you can judge if this is a scam. His books were sold for more than 100 million copies, and even his audiobooks have been widely distributed.

Napoleon Hill started his career in writing after interviewing the five hundred most accomplished business people. He did in-depth interviews, and it was shown in the marketing research terminologies used in his writings. Other marketing research authors like Chris Stiehl claims that there is more to learn in the nine depth interviews compared to the nine focus groups. This means the quality of the discussion can beat the number of participants in research.

Also, if you are a business owner who plans to attract high-paying clients, then, you may collect information for your future clients. You should also share this information in workshops, white papers, articles, blogs, speeches, books, and other means.


The Real Reason Why Napoleon Hill Grew Rich (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

Napoleon Hill is best known as the writer of the 1937 book, “Think and Grow Rich.” He was the first to write a popular concept that included entrepreneurs and executives meddling outside their work to share ideas and advice. He also introduced the idea of “Law of Attraction” where if you focus your attention on things that you want to acquire or achieve, you will attract all of it to you. Hill was also the inspiration of many gurus like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

Before being popular, Hill also has faced many challenges in his career. He faced bankruptcy and was stained by charges of altering cheques. He also sold unlicensed stocks and performed other fraudulent acts, that even his greatest achievement was fabricated. According to his story, his book was from a conversation he had with Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie sets up a meeting for Hill and other leading business people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell. When in fact, David Nasaw, Carnegie’s biographer shows no record of Hill and Carnegie’s meeting. Hill still confidently stated his claim on the cover of his book and was ensured that there were only a few people who would question it.


How He Did It.

Owning a book is some form of privilege that only the elite can possess. Before the introduction of the printing press, every copy of a book was written by hand, and after the mass production of books became possible, it required considerable effort to distribute it worldwide. It needed extensive work and a network of publishers, printers, editors, lawyers, and agents to accommodate the demand. Because of this structure, it is essential to identify which books were worth the time and expense, since it will be produced and promoted. Publishers are skilled in determining who deserves to be heard, meaning a worthy author is with credibility.

An author needs to establish credibility and have people follow him or her who is with importance. Psychologists Walter Weiss and Carl Hovland have said that controversial arguments were at odds with different opinions. In other cases, these ideas were associated with people you can see daily with unknown backgrounds. Moreover, the debates proposed by people display credential and symbols for authority.

The participants who accepted the little ideas from credible persons change their minds often than those who receive information from the people found in the street. Take note that none of the experts who present such ideas offered to show real proof of credibility.

Napoleon Hill’s Hidden Law.

Notwithstanding his status as a person who became immensely wealthy, it was said that Hill did not practice most of the virtues he preached others to live by. Still, he became famous and became wealthy in his own time.

When people study about how Hill became successful, most often people might be looking at the wrong part of his story. Because Hill did not think, grow rich then write a book. He thought of a book, wrote it, and riches came afterward.

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