5 Simple Ways To Start A Book Review

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Reviews and reactions are popular nowadays. Many platforms show the effectiveness of people, videos, movies, performances, and more. Book reviews may be different as people cannot react instantly. It would take about two or more weeks to finish reading a book, depending on how often a person is free to read. If you are planning to write a review on a book that you plan to read or have already read, you can start in five simple ways to express your feelings and thoughts.

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5 Simple Ways To Start A Book Review:


  1. The first thing to do when writing a book review is to choose a book worthy of your time. Bestselling books are famous, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to find them. You just need time to savor the brilliance of the book you chose so that you can write a good review.


  1. The next and fundamental way to get an idea of writing a book review is to look for samples of it on the internet. It is where you could find almost anything, and a book review is not a new thing, so chances are the internet is flooding with book reviews already. You just need keen eyes to determine which ones are good. Find reviews on the bestselling books and observe how people express their feelings.


  1. Take notes of the scenes and words that made an impact on you. It will help you remember the things you want to write about. Don’t forget to write about the twists, climax, and other exciting and unique details that somehow caught you.


  1. Before starting the book review, create an outline of how you want it to look like. Research about what should be included and be creative as you can. Bring a unique touch to it by adding a personal idea that you haven’t copied from other reviews. It is where your skills would be tested. For instance, add a section where you will compile all the relatable scenes in the story. Write about the similar events that happened in your life and what you did to overcome the difficulties.


  1. Research on the author. Familiarize his or her life as you can also write something about how you think it inspired the book. Often, the childhood, background, environment, and geographical location of the author have a lot to say about his or her work. It is a fascinating insight when you can come up with this.
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Writing a book review may be more challenging than you think. Just like writing a book itself, you have to come up with a unique and captivating idea. It has to make an impact as well because it is also somewhat similar to writing your book. You have to make your mark, or it will just be another review among thousand others. Also, it is essential to understand what you read. You don’t want to write a review just for the sake of doing one. It has to be substantial, so people who read your review will look forward to reading your next one.

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