10 Captivating Books About Mental Health


Many people have somehow come across with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It may be them or someone they know who experienced the adversities caused by mental illnesses. There are books written by authors who have seen their effects on people. They describe and shed light on the sensitive and complicated issues about mental health.

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10 Captivating Books About Mental Health:

  1. The Place Between Breaths By An Na

This book tells a story about a girl who is desperate to find a cure for schizophrenia as it was the illness that destroyed her mother. She then tragically had to battle with it as well. The story makes readers feel fear and loss of hope as it is hard not to be afraid of something we know is dangerous enough to crush our world.

  1. Things I’m Seeing Without You By Peter Bognanni

This book tells about a girl who lost her boyfriend to suicide. Her world fell apart, and she dropped out of school. She struggled to know what it meant to be alive and understand death. She started to write emails to help her cope with the emotional devastation of losing someone, but what would she do if someone writes back?

“No one is born knowing how to cope with the wave of grief that follows the death of someone we love. As a psychotherapist who’s worked with many grievers, I know when faced with overwhelming grief, many people feel like they are alone in what they’re experiencing and can feel like they’re going crazy.” –Debbie Augenthaler, LMHC, NCC

  1. Reasons to Stay Alive By Matt Haig

This book exceptionally tackles about living with depression and anxiety. It includes short chapters and anecdotes which makes it the perfect thing to bring anywhere. Readers commented that it somehow makes them feel that they are not alone and that they have a friend speaking to them whenever they read it.

“Mental health struggles are real. They can be painful. You may feel alone. In some of the darkest times, you may feel like something is “wrong” with you to the core. ” –Erica Thompson, LMFT, LPCC

  1. Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression — and the Unexpected Solutions By Johann Hari

This book is about uncovering the truth about depression. Journalist Johann Hari had depression growing up. He wanted to understand his condition deeper, and with his desire, he found out that what we knew about the most curious illness that affects millions of people is wrong.

  1. Impulse By Ellen Hopkins

This book is a story about three different lives headed to the same place. Their destination was a psychiatric hospital known for cases of people who attempted to kill themselves.

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  1. Highly Illogical Behavior By John Corey Whaley

This book is a story of how the life of three teenagers came together. Solomon was suffering from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder which makes a person fear of going to unfamiliar places that may be the cause of panic. Solomon has not been anywhere but his house for three years. His case became an opportunity for Lisa, an ambitious young lady who aims to get into an outstanding psychology program for college. She was decisive in helping Sol with his condition and on the process, she introduced him to her boyfriend Clark, and the story of their friendship began.

  1. The Beauty That Remains by By Ashley Woodfolk

This book is a story about three people who love music. They also have something else in common aside from it. They all live and struggle with grief, and despite the complications of life, music brings them together. Their story is a testament that beauty remains to the people left behind.

“Music acts as a medium for processing emotions, trauma, and grief—but music can also be utilized as a regulating or calming agent for anxiety or for dysregulation.” –Molly Warren, MM, LPMT, MT-BC

  1. OCD Love Story By Corey Ann Haydu

This book tells a story about a girl, Bea, who thinks she has everything under control including her obsession with a guy who is very attractive and charming. Sadly, he might not know she even exists. In the story, she also meets Beck, a sweet and careless guy who makes her feel like herself and the possibility of love.

  1. Looking for Alaska By John Green

This book is about Miles Halter who heard a few last words of different people including Rabelais’,  an author who uttered, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” It inspired him to enroll in Culver Creek, a boarding school in Alabama. He made new friends including a beautiful girl with the most compelling eyes, Alaska. He fell in love with her beauty and spirit, and later on, she introduced her last words — “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?”

  1. Schizo By Nic Sheff

This book is a captivating and shocking story of a teen who is recovering from a mental illness, schizophrenia, or he believes he is. However, his condition is getting worse.

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People are gradually aware of the importance of mental health. However, the stigma still exists. Mental health illnesses are still somehow misunderstood, and most people are not willing to probe deeper. They tend to leave them as they are – a disease. Fortunately, there are books bravely written to bring a shed of light on mental health issues, that people can live and love despite them.

Meanwhile, if you seek for a more in-depth explanation on issues concerning mental health, you can turn to online platforms such as BetterHelp. You can talk to licensed counselors, and they can provide you with materials such as journals and videos, to further aid in your learning.